Mythgard Movie Club

Mythgard Movie ClubMythgard Movie Club is program of the Mythgard Institute to explore speculative film and television shows in panel discussions. Panelists will be chosen on a by-movie basis, but all are welcome to join the live discussions to offer thoughts and questions about each film.

When Does the Movie Club Meet?

Because of the nature of the discussions as panel groups, we will not be meeting as regularly as Mythgard Academy. At the beginning, the plan is to begin with discussions about once every six weeks, though we hope over time to increase the frequency of our sessions as time goes on.

To learn about upcoming Mythgard Movie Club discussions, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How Are Movies Chosen?

For the first couple movies, we opened up nominations to public during the Signum University 2017 Fall Fundraising Campaign. We are still working out the process for future nominations and will provide more information here when the process is developed.

Learn More About Mythgard Movie Club

Watch the video below to hear Movie Club facilitators Katherine Sas and Curtis Weyant discuss the idea of this new program with Dr. Corey Olsen.