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Welcome, friend, to Mythgard Miscellany! Miscellany is a catch-all place for fan and scholar creation. A place for us to gather, share, and celebrate the works we love, and broaden our fantasy horizons – often including, but also well-beyond Middle Earth. Here, we’ll share thoughts and insights about books and films, and highlight the creativity of our community. Want to share a short masterclass? Exhibit your art? Perform your poetry? Record a panel discussion on a topic of your choice? This is your chance! We want to celebrate your passions, research, hobbies, and ideas on this new platform.

We’ll aim to curate all content as it is created into easy to navigate hubs – so no matter what you’re a fan of, you’ll find your home here. But keep in mind- it’s a work in progress.

Other Minds and Hands – An Open and Friendly Discussion of Tolkien Adaptation

Thursdays at 4:30pm EST

On our Youtube, Tolkien Professor podcast, and Twitch channels.

Join The Tolkien Professor, Dr Corey Olsen, and Mythgard’s Adaptation expert Dr Maggie Parke for a pleasant and curious chat about adaptations, analysis, ideas, and info.

Catch up on our episodes here.

The title of this book is Star Trek; Essays Exploring the Final Frontier. The cover declares it to be published by Vernon Press and Edited by Amy H. Sturgis and Emily Strand. I tell you these things because no one ever is going to look at the words when they're staring at the incredible artwork by Emily Austin. She has used darkness and fluidity and somehow has created a breathtaking picture of a star creche, nebula gases, distant stars that makes me burst into tears at the beauty of creation. I mean. May I please live in the universe the Emily Austin paints?

Pub Night: Out of This World Books!

TWO BOOKS!  Star Trek: Essays Exploring the Final Frontier and Star Wars: Essays Exploring a Galaxy Far, Far Away — both edited by the amazing duo of Amy Sturgis and Emily Strand — are available NOW!!!  Right now!!!  and we’re going to hear directly from the Editors, the amazing cover artist Emily Austin, and some of the essayists about this STELLAR PROJECT!!

Bring your refreshing beverage of choice, pub snacks, and a ton of questions.

The books are available for request from libraries, for purchase at major booksellers, and for purchase from the Vernon Press website, where the coupon code CFC10822213C4 provides a 24% discount on each volume.

Sunday, September 10 at 6:00 PM Eastern

Register here for the Zoom

Star Wars: Essays Exploring a Galaxy Far, Far Away, edited by Amy H. Sturgis and Emily Strand, published by Vernon Press. These are facts, rendered in light colors in a sans serif font. But the picture. Emily Austin has rendered a looming planet which intrudes from the top right corner of the cover. Its presence is forboding; its bands of fluid colors speak to tumultuous weather, alien climate, life as we have never conceived of it. Emily makes us laugh at the notion that we are alone in the Universe, or that we can conceive of even one-millionth of its beauty.
An African village is nestled in the shelter of some oasis trees in a landscape of sere beauty.

Pub Night Book Chat: Binti by Nnedi Okorafor

Have you read Binti by Nnedi Okorafor yet?? Well here’s your chance to re-read it or—if you’re very lucky—read it for the first time! This rich, complex story is a one-weekend-read novella… and it’ll take you right out of your body to the stars. It is exactly WOW. We will chat, gush, ask questions of one another over our favorite pub snacks and beverages.  Pub Night is cozy, friendly, and companionable; all welcome.

Sunday, September 17, 6pm Eastern

Register here for the Zoom

Pub Night: Spooky Read-Aloud!

Bring snacks, warm drinks, and your blankies — in fact, pile on all the comforts!  Gather for readings of some beautiful spooky stories in our Hunted Pub Night! If you wish to read aloud, let [email protected] know what you’ll be reading (up to ten minutes). If you’d just like to listen, you are so very welcome.

Sunday, October 29 at 6:00 PM Eastern

Register here for the Zoom

Ghostly figure is confronted by a giant frog.

Pub Night: Knitting socks

This Pub Night has passed, these links live on. And don’t worry, we’ll knit together again some day!

  • Judy’s Magic Cast-on
  • Stockinette stitch
  • Short row heel
  • Here are my own tutorials one, two, and three. You will hear references to my former fandom in which I was an enthusiastic participant. Unfortunately, the author of the work which I loved has proven to be someone who hates my family. What a loss for that person that they no longer enjoy my positive regard.
Four wee ornament socks white with a green intarsia tree, freen with a red intarsia cardinal, red with two white intarsia snowflakes and a green striped one.

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The Elements of Miscellany…thus far

Mythgard Movie Club is back, and we’ll be discussing 2022’s The Batman (dir Matt Reeves). We’ll chat about Batman through the years, how this fits in, the adaptation and writing journey, take questions, and talk to some superfans and superfancritics as we ponder and pontificate the allure of this batty hero.
Date: Sunday, August 7
Time: 3pm EST

Join us as we geek out on films we love, hate, and need to debate! Books and games into films is a hot topic, and we’ll help you navigate the terrain! Join Dr. Maggie Parke, Director of Mythgard, PhD in Adaptations and Fan Management, and her panels of nerd experts, talking about recent adaptations.

Join the live zoom webinar here! Or catch it later and add comments on our YouTube channel.

Click here for the archive of original MMC  for science fiction and fantasy films and television.

Asynchronously discuss the SilmFilm project, Mythgard on LOTRO, Mythgard Academy, or simply hang in the Community Hearth (the writers hang over in that corner with all the spilled ink). Click here to reach the Mythgard Forums!

More Elements are Coming!

WriterSpace is open time to work on your own projects in good company.  Our cooperative virtual space is designed for creative writers — and all are welcome, whatever your project.

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Check out the Signum University community on Discord – hang out with a couple of thousand other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

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