Mythgard Miscellany

Welcome, friend, to Mythgard Miscellany! Miscellany is a catch-all place for us to gather, share, and celebrate the works we love, and broaden our fantasy horizons – often including, but also well-beyond Middle Earth. Here, we’ll share thoughts and insights about upcoming books and films, existing works, and highlight the creativity of our community.

We’ll aim to curate all content as it is created into easy to navigate hubs – so no matter what you’re a fan of, you’ll find your home here. But keep in mind- it’s a work in progress.

Watch this space! We’re busy planning events like one-off open classes, movie watch-a-longs, panel chats on hot topics from industry professionals and scholars, must-read lists, and creative spaces to hone talents, spark new passions, and to showcase our community.  Here it is, friends.

Next up: The Wheel of Time Discussion on Mythgard Movie Club!

Our next broadcast will be a panel discussion — with input from the audience, of course! — of the upcoming The Wheel of Time television series on Amazon Prime.  Date, Time, and Zoom link To Be Announced

Get Involved!

A Community of Contributors

We want to hear from you! We are warmly welcoming submissions to our Miscellany platform from any and all members of our community.

What is it, you ask? It’s a common space to share and celebrate creativity in our community.  Fan Art and fun, but curated and hopefully well-organised once we have a good cache of entries.

All are invited to submit a piece of art, cosplay, music, film, a paper, a mini-class, a poem, dance performance, analysis, discussion, a recipe for lembas, a cake interpretation of the Goblet of Fire, or a model of Lyra’s Oxford… whatever! Dream big! You can submit a written work, scan your art, or a recording of the piece.

It should be finished (message us if you want to share a work in progress), concise, and community-appropriate; it will be shared in a supportive spirit and we hope it’s a lot of fun. So show off!

Submit your work now!

Experts at Mythgard:

Do you have an expertise you want to share? These are for professional academics, practitioners, and industry experts who wish to share a one-off lecture, or a short series class you could teach, or a panel you could create. We’d love to hear about it!

For example:

  • Open Classes– 30-60 minute sessions on a topic
  • Chats-  45-60 minute panels and roundtables to explore a theme.
  • Columns- Short written pieces on a subject
  • Presentations – recordings or short films
  • We’re open to other formats – get in touch!
  • Let us know a bit more here

Topics in the works:

Science Fiction, Adaptation, Gothic Lit, Fantasy Lit, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Sherlock, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Conventions/Cosplay/Fan Culture, Crime Fiction, Marvel, DC, Languages and Translations, Disney/Pixar, Classics, Pop Culture – Television/Streaming series, or Films/Limited Series… for a start.  Write to us with more ideas!

The Elements of Miscellany

Join us as we geek out on films we love, hate, and need to debate! Books and games into films is a hot topic, and we’ll help you navigate the terrain! Join Dr. Maggie Parke, Director of Mythgard, PhD in Adaptations and Fan Management, and her panels of nerd experts, talking about recent adaptations.

Join the live zoom webinar for free! Or catch it later and add comments on our YouTube channel.

Click here for the archive of original MMC  for science fiction and fantasy films and television.

More Elements are Coming!

WriterSpace is open time to work on your own projects in good company.  Our cooperative virtual space is designed for creative writers — and all are welcome, whatever your project.

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Asynchronously discuss the SilmFilm project, Mythgard on LOTRO, Mythgard Academy, or simply hang in the Community Hearth (the writers hang over in that corner with all the spilled ink). Click here to reach the Mythgard Forums!

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