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Mythgard Academy – free online seminars on speculative fiction



Mythgard Academy is an innovative program through which we aim to make in-depth, scholarly discussion of people’s favorite works of fantasy and science fiction literature free and open to everyone.  The Mythgard Academy features live discussions with Mythgard Institute faculty to which all are invited, free of charge.  Recordings of our sessions are freely available, and we let our supporters decide what books we read.


To take part in our free discussions, please use the Academy tab of our navigation menu at the top of this page. There you will find links to:

  • Information about how our live discussion interface operates
  • Our current discussion series with live session registration and schedules
  • Past discussions with downloadable and streaming audio and video

Take Part Today

Mythgard Academy is funded through donations made to Signum University, the parent organization of the Mythgard Institute. Our annual campaign takes place in the fall each year – usually starting on or near Hobbit Day (Sept. 22). However, you can help fund programs like Mythgard Academy at any time!

Take advantage of great opportunities to crowdfund the future of education – and learn what you love – by contributing towards our goal. Those who donate at least $25 throughout the year can help vote on the Mythgard Academy courses, and those who donate $100 or more will become a part of the Council of the Wise that makes the initial nominations!

How is this possible?

In order to make Mythgard Academy classes numerous, diverse, and free to everyone, we need your support! Organizing, delivering, hosting, and downloading our discussions takes a lot of resources and a dedicated team of people

We want Mythgard Academy discussions to be something that we can offer consistently for many years to come. To make this a reality, we have set up our own fund raising campaign with multiple tiers of options so that you can choose the level of involvement that’s right for you.

If you missed our fundraising campaign but would still like to take part in our class voting process to decide our future topics for the rest of the year, it isn’t too late!  Check out the terms as laid out in the campaign, and then make your own contribution to us directly.

– Dr. Corey Olsen


Stay Involved

Want to support the work that the Mythgard Institute does for fantasy and other imaginative literature? Consider making your own donation today!

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