Medieval Calendar

In addition to being an online university, the Mythgard Institute hosts real-world events where people can gather to discuss speculative stories from ancient classics to medieval legends to modern epics.


Our flagship event is Mythmoot, a biannual conference that provides an opportunity for Mythgard faculty, students, auditors, and participants in the free Academy classes to meet with special guests, presenters, vendors, and other creatures. (Sometimes the same people even take on most if not all of these roles….)

Previous Mythmoot conferences have been held on the following dates:


Regional Conferences

We also sponsor regional gatherings organized by Mythgardians in areas around the world, featuring fellowship, academic conversation, as well as often food and special guests. The flavor of these regional get-togethers differs from place to place, but they all share a passion for discussing speculative stories in various media.

Mythgard Midatlantic Speculative Fiction Symposium

First begun in 2014 as “Midmoot,” this symposium meets in the Midatlantic Region of the United States – although people from much further away have joined in the fun! The next symposium is scheduled for Oct. 3, 2015.