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Dr. Corey Olsen provides in-depth seminars on fantasy, science fiction, and other speculative works, as chosen by our donors – also known as the Council of the Wise. Join our current sessions, or catch up on previous books.

Led by Katherine Sas and Curtis Weyant, the Mythgard Movie Club is a periodic panel discussion of science fiction and fantasy films. We welcome discussion from live participants, and all sessions will be recorded and shared to the Signum University YouTube Channel.

Ever wanted to see what Tolkien's Silmarillion might look like as an episodic series? Join our biweekly discussions with the OG Riddles in the Dark Team – Dr. Corey Olsen, Trish Lambert and Dave Kale – about what such an adaptation might look like!

Lord of the Rings Online

Through programs like Exploring the Lord of the Rings, the weekly adventures of Gryfflet, and special events with Wigend, we can explore Tolkien’s fantastical works and worlds in the virtual gaming environment of Lord of the Rings Online.

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Lord of the Rings Online
Mythgard Events

Mythgard Events

Mythgard Institute, in conjunction with Signum University, hosts conferences and gatherings (“moots”) around the world throughout the year.

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