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As our second seminar of 2016, Mythgard Academy will analyze the classic tale of vampiric horror, Dracula, by Bram Stoker. This free, live seminar will last fourteen weeks, with four full sessions dedicated to exploring some of the many cinematic adaptations.

Dr. Corey Olsen has repeatedly stated that Dracula is one of his favorite books ever. The Council of the Wise, consisting of  Signum University supporters who have donated $25 or more, have finally deemed that Dr. Olsen can – in the words of one councilor – “go all fanboy” over this quintessential work of gothic fiction.

Originally published in 1897, Dracula created a whole new genre of literature, bringing the vampire out of relative obscurity and turning the undead creature it into one of horror’s most recognizable and enduring monsters. Through his seminal work, Stoker has influenced generations of authors, artists, actors, and auteurs from every level of society and across political and geographical boundaries. We suspect that influence will continue well into the generations ahead.

Norton Critical Edition of Dracula, by Bram Stoker

Norton Critical Edition of Dracula, by Bram Stoker

As part of the Mythgard Academy series, this Dracula seminar is open to the public and costs nothing. The first 100 participants for each session can participate live each week. Both video and audio recordings of each discussion will be available on this web page, our YouTube channel and on iTunes U.As with all Mythgard Academy sessions, these discussions are made possible by the generosity of all who supported our fundraising campaign last fall from Hobbit Day to Halloween, as well as those who continue to donate throughout the year. The books discussed during our Academy seminars are nominated and elected entirely by our generous donors who contribute at least $25 within a year. So far this year, we have continued our journey through The History of Middle-earth with Volume 4: The Shaping of Middle-earth, and our next topics are yet to be chosen.

Voting for the next session is starting soon, so if you would like to help decide the topics of future seminars, it’s not too late! Visit our donation page and help support our free discussions!
– Dr. Corey Olsen

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Dracula is available from Amazon. It can be purchased in paperback and electronic formats, as well as a number of video adaptations.

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Week 1

Read: Chapters I – III

Note: Daylight Savings Time for 2016 begins on March 13 in the U.S. This may cause a shift in time of the discussion for listeners in other countries starting on Week 2.


Week 2

Read: Chapters IV – VI


Week 3

Read: Chapters VII – IX


Week 4

Read: Chapters X – XII


Week 5

Read: Chapters XIII – XV


Week 6

Read: Chapters XVI – XVIII


Week 7

Read: Chapters XIX – XXI


Week 8

Read: Chapters XXII – XXIV

Week 9

Read: Chapters XXV – XXVII

Week 10

Topic: Bonus Q&A Session
Attend: Wednesday, May 25, 9:30 pm EDT

Week 11

Topic: Dracula (1931) – starring Bela Lugosi
Watch: Archive.org free streaming/download (public domain in the U.S.)

Week 12

Topic: Horror of Dracula (1958) – starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing
Watch: Week 12 Video

Week 13

Topic: Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) – starring Keanu Reeves
Watch: Week 13 Video


Week 14

Topic: Dracula 2000 (2000) – starring Gerard Butler
Watch: Week 14 Video


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