Applying for M.A. Credit

Would you like to pursue an M.A. by studying the books you love with top-notch professors?

Our courses bring the intensity and interactivity of traditional college courses into a completely online environment. This means that, although our online platform will enable you to take our classes from wherever you live and permit you a good deal of flexibility in your schedule, our courses will still require you to attend several class sessions a week and to do a substantial amount of work outside of class, both reading and writing. If you are not sure that you can keep up with all of the assigned work, you might want to consider auditing a class instead.

For more on what a standard week in a Mythgard class is like, visit our How Our Courses Work page.

Master’s Level Course Tuition, one semester (3 credits):

$500 (under $175 per credit), plus a one-time $25 application processing fee


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Perhaps you would like to dig deeper into Tolkien, Lewis, and J.K. Rowling, but you don’t have the time to dedicate to writing papers and studying for exams. Maybe you have no particular need to earn an actual degree, but you would love the opportunity to be a part of an excellent educational experience, learning from world-class teachers and scholars.

If you audit a course at Mythgard, you will get access to the entire series of interactive lectures delivered by our faculty in the course. You can also be a full participant in the moderated discussion board for the class, so that you can exchange ideas with all of the other students in the course. All for the price of one movie ticket a week!

Course Audit, One Semester Tuition: $150 (only $10 per week)


Applying to Mythgard

Mythgard Institute courses are offered through our partner in learning, Signum University.

Signum University awards credits for Mythgard courses complete at the M.A. level. You must have a completed bachelor’s degree to apply for our courses at the M.A. level.

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Registering for Courses

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M.A. students who have completed the application and been accepted to our ten course program as well as auditors can register for any course during the regular registration periods (prior to Spring, Summer and Fall terms).

More information about applying and registering is available from the FAQ.