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The Shaping of Middle-earth & Dracula chosen for Mythgard Academy

Mythgard Academy: The Shaping of Middle-earth and DraculaThe Council of the Wise has spoken the titles on which the next series of Mythgard Academy discussions will focus. And the titles they spake were:

In announcing the new titles as part of the final session of the recent Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell discussions, Dr. Corey Olsen expressed his excitement at the choices.


The Shaping of Middle-earth

Being the fourth volume of the History of Middle-earth series, The Shaping of Middle-earth highlights the development of J.R.R. Tolkien’s process of developing the tongues and tales of his classic legendarium, under the editorship of his son, Christopher Tolkien. Having already taken a look at the first three books in the series – The Book of Lost Tales Part 1 and Part 2 and The Lays of Beleriand – this signals the continued interest of Academy voters in continuing to explore Tolkien’s magic and mythos using a structured, in-depth methodology.



Those who have participated in past Mythgard Academy seminars or any of Dr. Olsen’s Signum University courses are no doubt already aware of his love for Dracula. Written near the end of the eighteenth century, this classic story of gothic vampirism rates high on Dr. Olsen’s list of best novels ever written. During his live announcement of the new seminars, Dr. Olsen acknowledged that he would “indulge” himself in looking at selected cinematic adaptations of Dracula as part of the course, as well.


About Mythgard Academy

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