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Event: Where on Middle-earth is Wigend?

Where on Middle-earth is Wigend?

As part of the Signum University annual fundraiser, we are holding a special LOTRO event on Tuesday, October 6, at 9:30 pm Eastern time on the LOTRO Twitch channel.

Where on Middle-earth Is Wigend? will be a lore-filled evening with a large share of laughs and giggles. Tolkien Professor Dr. Corey Olsen will play as Wigend the Guardian (on the Landroval server of The Lord of the Rings Online) and whoosh! from place to place, meeting friends and kin members along the way.

Corey has selected some interesting spots to land, and he will talk about each in terms of Tolkien’s works as well as LOTRO’s adaptation.

This event will be fascinating for all Tolkien fans, whether they play LOTRO or not. If you play, you know that the game is very conscientious about staying true to Tolkien’s writing. If you are not familiar with LOTRO, you will very much enjoy seeing this version of the Middle-earth landscape.

Corey will talk about the story, about the adaptation, and surely about architecture (an inside joke for anyone who has watched Corey’s Friday stream with his burglar hobbit Gryfflet).

There will also be prize drawings during the event (hint: lots of Turbine Points for those who play LOTRO). You must be present to win!

We will also tell you about special fundraising goal for the duration of the campaign. It involves Corey, chickens, and Rivendell…or Isengard…or perhaps even Helm’s Deep! Let’s make this happen!

In addition to the event on the lotrostream Twitch channel (which has a live chat room if you want to talk to other viewers), you can post comments and questions directly to Corey via the Mythgard Institute Netmoot. Corey will be monitoring the Netmoot throughout the event, so if you have a question you want to ask (like for example, What’s a wigend?), this is your chance!

We hope to see you on Tuesday in (virtual) Middle-earth!

P.S. This event will be recorded and uploaded to the Signum University YouTube channel, so if sadly you can’t make it on Tuesday, you can still enjoy it.