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September 2015 Mythgard Events and Activities

It’s a new month, and there are lots of ways to stay involved with Mythgard. Here are a few of them!


Fall Classes

Fall classes began last week, but it’s not too late to sign up. Registrations for The Force of Star Wars, Introduction to Anglo-Saxon and Tolkien’s Wars and Middle-earth are open through September 6. Whether you’re looking to take any – or all – of these classes for MA credit or simply looking to audit, there’s still time to jump in and catch up on the first couple lectures.


Guest Lecture Series: Tom Shippey (Sept. 10)

Our next free online guest lecture will be delivered by Tom Shippey on Thursday, Sept. 10 at 4pm EDT. Dr. Shippey will be discussing Myth in Modern Fantasy, in particular how academic study led to the creation of fantasy worlds by some of the greatest 20th century writers, including J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Andrew Lang.

Register now for this lecture, which is sure to be great. (As always, this guest lecture will be recorded for download at a later date.)


Mythgard Academy

This week we’ll be laying Beleriand to rest (get it? “laying” Beleriand to… oh nevermind), but never fear: The next free Mythgard Academy class starts on Sept. 16. This time we’ll be looking at Susanna Clarke’s 21st century classic tale of Georgian era thaumaturgy, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

More information will be available later this week – watch the Mythgard blog and our social media accounts for details!


Silmarillion Film Project

Have you always dreamed of watching The Silmarillion on the silver screen? (And did they call it the Telperion screen in Valinor?)

Big discussions are happening in September as we begin to lay out the Season 1 episode-by-episode plots of our utterly, completely, 100% fake, unauthorized, and never-to-be-produced audiovisual adaptation of Tolkien’s legendarium. Join in for lots of erudite detours and creative adjustments.

Visit the SilmFilm website for a schedule of upcoming episodes, audio and notes from past episodes, and an active discussion forum.


Mythgard on LOTRO

The Mythgard Kinship in Lord of the Rings Online – a massive multiplayer online game that lets players experience both the beauty and dangers of Middle-earth – continues to grow.

Biweekly Mythgard Adventures – On alternating Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm server time (Eastern), our fearless kin leader Wigend – aka The Tolkien Professor, aka Dr. Corey Olsen – charges into battle followed closely behind by reckless runekeepers, hobbits wearing polished armor, and minstrels armed with cowbells (yes, that’s a thing). There’s often a “brief” lore chat before the questing, deeding, and skirmishing begins, and much fun ensues on the Netmoot chat.

Gryfflet’s Gambols – On Fridays at 12:30 pm ET, Dr. Olsen takes one of his other LOTRO “alts” through the paces of the LOTRO Epic Quest line, with only minor sidetracking. You can join in live via the palantir-esque magic of the LOTRO Stream on Twitch, or you can watch Gryfflet’s past gambols on the Mythgard YouTube channel.

For more fun and ad hoc adventuring, join the Mythgard on LOTRO Facebook Group.


Hobbit Day (Sept. 22)

We celebrate Bagginses’ birthdays with abandon. We won’t tell you yet exactly what we’re abandoning quite yet, but it will be good, we promise.

Watch for more information about Hobbit Day festivities. (Hint: They’ll start on Hobbit Day, but they won’t end there….)


Looking Ahead…

We have more in store for October, including the Mythgard Midatlantic Speculative Fiction Symposium and the continuation of Mythgard Academy classes and SilmFilm Season 1.

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