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Dr. Amy H. Sturgis wins Southern CA Journalism Award

We’re proud to share that Mythgard Institute’s own Dr. Amy H. Sturgis recently won first place in the “Best Magazine Review/Criticism/Column” category at the Southern California Journalism Awards (hosted by the LA Press Club) for her article “Not Your Parents’ Dystopia: Millennial fondness for worlds gone wrong” published in Reason Magazine last year.

The article explores the reasons why so many people in the so-called Millennial generation (also known as Generation Y) have taken to dystopian literature, films, and television shows, as opposed to previous generations which seem to have been more interested either in “sensawunder” stories, a la Tom Swift, or more hard science tales along the lines of Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov. Modern science fiction readers appear to prefer stories that explore our complex post-millennial world in which science and technology have become ubiquitous – some might say invasive – parts of our daily lives.

In the comments for the award, reviewers praised Dr. Sturgis for “looking at dystopias past and present through a cultural lens” and “explaining how writers and others have gotten us where we are.” Of course, these kinds of insights are no surprise to those who have taken any of Dr. Sturgis’ classes – especially her class on The Dystopian Tradition, a full 12-week graduate-level course the history of speculative dystopian stories from an intellectual history perspective.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Sturgis on this excellent recognition.