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Silmarillion Film Project underway!

Grab your gear and hop on the Swan-ships because we’re heading for First Age Arda!

In case you haven’t heard, the long-awaited Silmarillion Film Project is now underway. Come join us for some in-depth (some might say exhaustive) planning of a televisual adaptation of Tolkien’s posthumously published legendaria of Middle-earth.


The first two episodes of Season 0 – in which many decisions about proceeding in future seasons will take place – have been posted already. If you didn’t catch them, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to catch up before the next episode on July 3.

Episode 0-1

In the first episode, the Silm Film Trio of Dr. Corey Olsen, Trish Lambert and Dave Kale – along with those who are participating live – spent some time going over the mechanics of the project, including:

  • An outline of how we’ll approach each season
  • An overview of how the bi-weekly episode discussions will take place
  • Details about the SilmFilm website and forums
  • A debate about whether or not to wrap the story of The Silmarillion in a frame narrative and, if so, what shape that frame should take
  • A reading assignment and questions to discuss in the forums

Episode 0-2

In the second episode, some big decisions were put forth:

  • Should we have an embodied narrator, such as Bilbo in The Hobbit, or a disembodied one, such as Galadriel in the movie version of The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Whether multiple characters tell the story throughout the series (or possibly a different one each season)
  • How to portray various characters, such as Iluvatar and the Valar
  • What do we do with magic and singing?
  • More reading assignments and discussion questions to be pondered in the forums

Visit the Silm Film website

Full notes and audio are are available on the Silm Film site. You can also register for future sessions – which take place at 10:00 am Eastern Time every other Friday.