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CFP: FORGOTTEN LEAVES: A New Tolkien Fan Anthology

Forgotten Leaves: Essays from a Smial
A New Tolkien Fan Anthology

The volume will contain selected essays from Parma Nole: Journal of the Northeast Tolkien Society that are being brushed up and republished alongside new solicited essays. Additionally, this collection will contain previously unpublished lectures, critical (and non-critical) essays, interviews & reviews. Depending upon the amount of accepted contributions this collection may extend beyond one volume.

The editors, Anthony Burdge & Jessica Burke, are also seeking well written new articles to cover several topics, please read the following if you wish to contribute to this volume.

Critical/Academic Papers: We are seeking critical papers that further Tolkien & The Inklings research and study. Please query us with your topic and abstract

Non-Critical Essays: Not a scholar? No worries. If you would like to write about your love of Tolkien send us your topic of choice and a paragraph about the essay

Fandom: Are you a member of, or created a Tolkien centered community? Tell us all about it Why Tolkien? Write about your love of Tolkien and why his work is important to you.

Cosplay: Do you cosplay a particular character, or characters? Why? How did you go about it? Why is it important to you to portray a Tolkien oriented character?

Art: Has Tolkien inspired your own artwork, illustrations, pottery, or artistic endeavor. Write about your work, if you are an illustrator we will consider publishing images of your work.

Music: are you a minstrel of Middle-earth and create songs and music that are centered in Tolkien’s world, tell us all about it

Film: Independent Filmmaker? Were you involved in an independent Tolkien oriented film? For example, look for Born Of Hope online. We are accepting papers about your past or future Tolkien centered film project

Gaming: Do you play Lord of the Rings Online? Table Top or Role Playing Games? Write about your passion for these games and why you love them

The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings Films by Peter Jackson: Are you a long time fan of Tolkien’s work or did you come to Tolkien’s world via the films? What are your thoughts on the films? Book to film comparisons are welcome. We realize the third Hobbit film opens in December 2014 and are open to an overall critique of the three films after you have seen the third film. Please query us with your topic

Interviews: We are seeking interviews with authors, scholars, actors, filmmakers that have had a part in the field of Tolkien. If you would like to interview someone, and have experience in this, then send us a query. We are willing to help with questions and focus if need be.

Reviews: Have you reviewed (or wish to review) a book, film, or product that was created that is Tolkien based? Let us know.

How to Contribute:
Send your query with the subject heading “FORGOTTEN LEAVES” to

In the body of your email describe to us the topic and detailed proposal.

We are very active on email so we will either accept or deny your proposal almost immediately.

Upon acceptance, authors are expected to complete their projects by Tolkien’s birthday January 3rd 2015.
A March 2015 publication is expected.

For more information: