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Riddles in the Dark Supererogatory VI

Audio episode

The remaining conundra:

C3.11: Will Roac show up in the flesh (feathers)?

Laura No
Listeners: 67% Yes; 33% No


C3.12: Will Tauriel die with Kili (i.e., same place/same time)?

Laura Yes
Corey: Yes
Listeners: 63% Yes; 38% Yes


C3.13: Will the Arkenstone be buried with Thorin?

Laura: Yes
Corey: No
Listeners: 83% Yes; 17% No


C3.14: Will we see Bilbo at Rivendell in Movie 3 (i.e., on his way home)?

Laura: Yes
Corey: Yes
Listeners: 67% Yes; 33% No


C3.15: Will we see the auction at Bag End in the theater version of the movie?

Laura No
Corey Yes
Listeners: 100% Yes; 0% No