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CFP: Conference On Middle-earth 2015

The Conference On Middle-earth, March 28-29, 2015, Albany, NY solicits papers, paper proposals, and panel proposals from scholars interested in any aspect of The Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Topics: J.R.R. Tolkien, his works, works based on Tolkien and his works, criticism, teaching Tolkien in the classroom, the books’ impact on oneself and/or the world, the films and the film industry, the music, the art, the fannish side of this universe and its impact, and anything you can imagine on topic. For examples of previous papers and panels, see the programming for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Conferences.

A few areas we wouldn’t mind seeing covered:

  • The impact of The Hobbit & LOTR on 1960s & 1970s popular music.
  • The visions of Middle-earth through art.
  • The astronomy of Middle-earth. [When is Durin’s Day?]
  • The geography of Middle-earth.
  • The geology of Middle-earth.
  • The flora & fauna of Middle-earth.
  • The clothing of Middle-earth both from the books and the films.
  • The food of Middle-earth.
  • The poetry and songs of Middle-earth.

Only members of the Conference On Middle earth 2015 will be able to present and participate. Once papers and proposals have been accepted, the presenter/panelist will need to join the conference (the sooner the better, before rates go up), if they are not already members. If an author can not be present, then arrangements can be made for the paper to be read. However, as indicated, the author must be members of the Conference On Middle-earth 2015.

JOIN HERE for as little as $45.

Submissions: The Conference On Middle-earth 2015 is accepting submissions now through 31 December 2014. Participation is limited. Submissions may close early.

Paper Proposal: Please email a 250 word abstract including the presentation title, your name and e-mail address. There will be slots for papers running 25 minutes (approx 3000 words) and 45 minutes (approx 4500 words). The receipt of proposal will be confirmed by e-mail.

Panel Proposal: Please email the panel name and a 250 word abstract. Please include the panel title, the panel chair/moderator, and name and e-mail address of each presenter. The receipt of proposal will be confirmed by e-mail.

E-Mail Submissions To:

NOTE: Confirmation of receipt of submissions does not guarantee acceptance for presentation.

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