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Riddles in the Dark 3.12: The Battle of Five Armies, Part 2

Audio Episode

Special Note: Between ~Minute 18 and ~Minute 43, Corey, Dave, and Trish detoured from the main topic into a consideration of fantasy genres, and did a lot of Tolkien/GrrMartin comparison. Pretty good food for thought…


Which Erebor Dwarves will live and which will die in BoFA?

A) Thorin, Fili, Kili (book answer)

B) Thorin, Fili, Kili die and one or more other Dwarves die

C) Thorn dies, Fili and/or Kili live, and all other Dwarves live

D) Thorin lives, other Dwarves may or may not die

E) None of the above


Corey:  C

Trish: C

Dave: C

Listener Poll:  A 52%; B 24%;  C 12% ;D 0% ; E  12%