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Riddles in the Dark 3.11 – The Battle of Five Armies, Part 1

Audio Episode


How does the battle between the goblins and the three allied peoples (Men, Elves, Dwarves) begin?

A.  The allies are about to fight (or are fighting) when Gandalf stops them, warning that goblins have arrived (book answer).

B.  The allies are about to fight (or are fighting) and are stopped by someone other than Gandalf.

C.  The allies are about to fight but they hear or see the arriving orc army before they start.

D.  The allies start fighting and the orcs attack in the middle of their fight.

E.  There is never an imminent threat of battle between the three future allies.


Corey: D

Trish:  A

Dave: B

Listener Poll:  37% A; 11% B; 15% C; 33% D; 4% E