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Riddles in the Dark Supererogatory III

Audio episode

In this episode of the Supererogatory, Laketown is on the agenda. What will Bard, the Master, and everyone else in Laketown do as Smaug attacks the city? Corey and Laura discuss your comments and opinions on RITD Episoide 3.04 and 3.05 as we go above and beyond the call of duty in Riddles in the Dark Supererogatory.

Conundrum 3.04: Will Tauriel be involved in breaking Bard out of prison?

Corey: No
Laura: No
Listeners: Yes 89%; No 11%

Conundrum 3.05: Will the Laketown dwarves arrive at the Lonely Mountain before the siege by men and elves?

Corey: Yes
Laura: Yes
Listeners: Yes 38%; No 63%