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Riddles in the Dark Supererogatory II

Audio episode

In the second edition of Riddles in the Dark Supererogatory, we talk about psychic dragons and ninja elves as Corey and Laura discuss listener comments on RITD Episoide 3.02 and 3.03. Plus, we have a bonus conversation with Ms. Robin Reid, Professor of Literature and Languages at Texas A&M. Professor Reid talks with Corey about fan reactions to Tauriel and the Peter Jackson films, and her work on Tolkien’s impact on modern society.

Conundrum 3.02: Will Legolas spot the Dol Guldur army and warn his father?

Corey: No
Laura: Yes
Listeners: Yes 47%; No 53%

Conundrum 3.03: Will we see a direct connection between Smaug and Sauron in movie 3?

Corey: Yes
Laura: Yes
Listeners: Yes 71%; No 29%