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Riddles in the Dark Digest 2.11

“Blame it on the Arkenstone” on Riddles in the Dark Digest #2.11

Trish Lambert and Laura Berkholtz discuss your feedback on Riddles in the Dark 2.11  How far does the “bromance” go between Bilbo and Thorin? Does Thingol…*cough…Thranduil come between them? Or is the Arkenstone? Let’s see what YOU think in this episode of the Digest.

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The 2nd Annual Mythmoot

Conundrum #2.11: Does Thorin send Bilbo into Smaug’s den specifically for the Arkenstone?

Download:  .mp3 (right click and choose “Save As…” to download)

Thanks to The Lonely Mountain Band for the use of their music in this podcast. The music we are using for both the intro and outro of the Digest is “The Anvil Procession” from the Songs of the Dwarves CD.