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Riddles in the Dark 2.06: Vengeance for My Dolly!

We are visiting Laketown on Riddles in the Dark!

Bard. James Bard. Well, okay, maybe not. Still, it looks like the bowman will be a Middle-earthian Man of Mystery in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.

Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen along with co-hosts Trish Lambert, and Dave Kale review Peter Jackson’s “sneak peak” webcast and consider Laketown and its inhabitants. There is a visual component this time; the photos that are discussed are included below.

Download: .mp3 (right click and choose “Save As…” to download)


Riddle: What is Bard’s relationship with the Company going to be when they are in Laketown?

A. He has no presence or only a cameo role (closest to book answer).

B. He supports them openly.

C. He supports them but secretly.

D. He openly opposes them.

E. He works against them secretly.

Many thanks to the Lonely Mountain Band for allowing our use of their wonderful music to accompany the episodes. Season 2 sees excerpts from their album “Songs of the Dwarves.” Intro: Battle of Azanulbizar; Outro: The Sevenfold Meeting.


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