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Riddles in the Dark 1.24: The Long-Expected Podcast

Merry Christmas (?!) from Riddles in the Dark!

At long last, the much anticipated, recording-breaking 3-hour RITD Christmas Special! Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen, Trish Lambert, and Dave Kale each offer a brief review of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and then get on with the much more important business of fully debriefing the results of the Riddles in the Dark Prediction game (don’t worry, in three hours and five minutes, we spend plenty of time talking about the films!).

Topics on the table include the Azog and Radagast the Brown, themes of home and return and revenge, novel character arcs for Bilbo and Thorin, the absolutely fabulous Riddles in the Dark scenes, and so much more!  Over three hours of Riddles in the Dark at its best (or worst…you decide).  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (three months late)!

Get it here.

If you enjoy the music in this episode, you should buy it since it features a popular Tolkien film actor!  You should also check out his Charlemagne album!

Note on the audio quality: this episode, it’s pretty bad, particularly on Dave’s end and especially during the first hour or so, is pretty awful.  We know — it was the holidays, and we were traveling and working with a far-from-optimal setup.  Sorry!