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Riddles in the Dark 20: Of the Rings of Power and the First Film

Vampire Bats, Kim Jong-Il…oh, and Rings…on Riddles in the Dark!

It’s Riddles in the Dark episode 20! Seems like just yesterday Prof. Corey Olsen and Dave Kale kicked off this series, and here we are, almost to film premiere time, when all questions will be answered.

In this episode, after some time looking at some of the media articles that have been showing up about Jackson and his movie, Corey and Dave (and Trish Lambert in more than a cameo appearance) consider the Rings of Power in the context of Tolkien’s work and in the context of the Lord of the Rings films. While we have received some indications about Bilbo’s ring from the entertainment press, we have not heard anything about the Dwarf Ring that is taken away from Thrain upon his capture by the Necromancer; there is discussion around this, and how it will be incorporated into the film (if at all).

The media coverage discussed includes Empire Magazine, Collider, and io9.

Riddle: What role will the Dwarf Ring play in the movie?

A. None at all, it will never be alluded to.

B. Passing reference, does not figure into the plot

C. Only foreshadows the power of the One Ring over its wielder

D. Part of the larger story connecting Sauron to the back story of the Dwarves, becomes a feature of the plot.


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