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Riddles in the Dark Digest 9: Orcs, the Brown Wizard, and Thror

Orcs, Wizards, and barking dogs on Riddles in the Dark Digest 9

In Riddles in the Dark Digest 9 (covering RITD episodes 16 and 17), Dave and Trish talk about Goblins, Orcs (and Zomborcs), and Radagast, but not before Trish voices a bit of frustration about how the movie seems to be shaping up (and Dave talks her off the ledge). Among other additional things, the new toy figures of Bolg and the “Goblin King” are remarked upon.

Also, a short audio collage of Comic-Con interview excerpts with Richard Armitage is included at the end of the episode for your consideration. The collage gives rise to the conundrum for this episode.

Conundrum 13: Will Thror’s death at Azog’s hands be moved to the great battle between the Dwarves and Orcs?

Download: .mp3 (right click and choose “Save As…” to download)

PRODUCTION NOTE: This particular episode was a post-production challenge. Dave’s Skype froze up numerous times, and though most of the glitches were removed, there is still at least one spot where the action is interrupted as Trish and Dave flail to get reconnected. Plus there might be some abrupt shifts in conversation that arose from deleting off-topic technical issues. As a further frustration, Trish’s brand new mic/headset was not working (it has now been replaced), so she was being picked up (unknowingly) by her computer’s mic…which also picked up annoying keystroke sounds and, at one point, a dog barking (even though she thought she was muting herself).  So listening to this digest episode may be an adventure of its own!