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Riddles in the Dark 18: Hobbit Day Panel – The Director’s Cut

Hobbit Day RITD Analyst Panel on Riddles in the Dark!

Corey Olsen, Dave Kale, and Trish Lambert are joined by some of the analysts and experts playing the prediction game in a first-time “group episode” that was part of the Hobbit Day festivities on the Middle-earth Network. Discussion centered on the new movie trailer as well as a poster of Bilbo that was released minutes before the start of the episode. And there is additional material: Dave and Trish kept going after the broadcast as each analyst dropped off one by one, till only they were left.  Lots of interesting and thought provoking stuff, like trying to figure out if it’s a spider leg or a tree root that is coming through Radagast’s roof. Plus commentary on the hedgehog.

Instead of a riddle for this episode, we posed a conundrum:

Conundrum: Will spiders attack Rhosgobel in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey?

Download: .mp3 (right click and choose “Save As…” to download)