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Riddles in the Dark: Episode 14

Trilogy? What trilogy? There’s no trilogy here. OK, we lied, we talked about the trilogy on Riddles in the Dark!

In this episode of Riddles in the Dark from the Mythgard Institute, Prof. Corey Olsen and Dave Kale continue their discussion about Bilbo’s character development, this time focusing on the first big accomplishment of his illustrious burglary career: escaping from the goblin tunnels beneath the Misty Mountains and surprising his dwarven companions as they sat at peace, wondering what had happened to the poor hobbit.  They contemplate the various (and sundry) ways in which the filmmakers might alter these events to emphasize various story and character elements.  In particular, Prof. Olsen proposes an interesting alternative that will emphasize Bilbo’s evolution into a hero: that they may send Bilbo back into the tunnels to help rescue Gandalf and the dwarves.  They also discuss a slightly more cynical angle: that the Company’s escape from the mountains will transition directly into their “fiery” confrontation with the goblins and wargs.  They also take questions and feedback from live listeners using the Mythgard “Netmoot” interface!

And oh fine, they also discuss the Hobbit movie trilogy announcement.  Not that big of a deal, really!

Riddle #14: Under what circumstances will Bilbo be re-united with Gandalf and the dwarves?

A.  Bilbo will escape the mountains alone, then find the Company by chance and sneak invisibly among them, showing off his competence as a burglar (book answer!).
B.  Bilbo will meet up with them within the mountains somehow, and they will all escape together.
C.  Bilbo escapes alone and meets them outside the mountains, but the meeting is turned into an action sequence instead.
D.  Bilbo escapes alone, and then returns into the mountains to find Gandalf and the dwarves.
E.  The dwarves escape and return to rescue Bilbo from the tunnels.

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