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Riddles in the Dark: Special Comic-Con Edition

It’s the “What happened at Comic-con?” episode on Riddles in the Dark!

Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen and co-host Dave Kale are joined by Dave’s Riddles Digest co-host Trish Lambert for a triangular assessment of some of the information and possible misinformation swirling aroud The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey before and during Comic-Con. Among other tidbits, they cover:

One of the swirliest pieces of information and and a big source of conjecture was Peter Jackson’s comment that he had far more footage than needed for two movies and that he wants to do some additional filming next year. This sparked a rumor/prediction that a third movie is in the offing. In spite of denials from Warner Brothers, speculation continues to abound. And why shouldn’t we participate?  The question for this episode, therefore, is:

Conundrum #5:  Will they eventually make a sequel/bridge film (e.g., Aragorn’s back story)?

What do you think? Share your comments here and give Dave and Trish lots of material for their Digest discussion!

Note: Riddle #13 (listed below) was answered definitively by Peter Jackson almost immediately after we recorded our episode and well before our analysts could make predictions.  Thus, we have retired it and removed it from the game (and grid).  However, Conundrum #5 is alive and well (although we’ll warrant Corey, Dave, and Trish would like to reconsider their answers!).

Riddle #13: PJ says he wants to do some additional filming next year; what will it be for?

A.  They will split the second film in two, turning The Hobbit into a trilogy.
B.  They will squeeze the extra stuff into a very extended edition of the two films on DVD and Blu-Ray.
C.  They will put the extra stuff into a bonus short film (separate from the two main films) included only on the DVD and Blu-Ray editions.
D.  They will save it for a later sequel/bridge film, covering material from the chronological period between The Hobbit and The LOTR.

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