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Comic Con on Riddles in the Dark This Week

We want to know what YOU think, this week on Riddles in the Dark!

Comic Con is wrapping up, and the new deluge is slowing to a trickle, so let the rampant speculation begin and the unfounded rumors fly!  This week on Riddles in the Dark (date and time will be announced on Monday), we will be talking all things Comic Con, of course, and we want your feedback: what are the most pressing news items, spoilers, and tidbits?  The (mostly unfounded) rumors of a third film?  The appearance of the petrified Tom, Bill, and Bert at the WETA booth?  Interviews with the actors?  The 12 minutes of footage?  Rocket Raccoon and the Guardians of the Galaxy?  Oh wait…

While we want to cover most everything, we will prioritize topics that are ripe for speculation/prediction, particularly on our past prediction topics, which to remind you, include

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