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Riddles in the Dark: Episode Eight

Another episode already? We couldn’t resist the CinemaCon controversy, so here’s another Riddles in the Dark!

In Episode 8 of the Mythgard Institute’s Riddles in the Dark podcast, Prof. Corey Olsen and Dave Kale declare an emergency CinemaCon meeting to debate the controversy stoked by the 10 minute Hobbit preview unveiled at CinemaCon April 15-18 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas — and we’re not talking about 48fps, either!  No, they are focused on those most terrible servants of Sauron, the Nine Ringwraiths, and the very strong possibility that they will play some unanticipated role in the upcoming Hobbit films!  Prof. Olsen and Dave pore over the hints and evidence revealed in the CinemaCon footage and consider all the possibilities, from the intriguing to the horrible to the hilarious.  They wrap up by predicting what the Nazgul’s main role in the story will — just in time for Prof. Olsen to rush off to class!

Prediction: What will be the MAIN role of the Nazgûl in the Hobbit films?

A. They are headed to Mordor: preparing for Sauron’s relocation to his old stomping grounds.
B. They are focused on Erebor: aiding Smaug, pursuing the Company, joining the Battle of Five Armies, etc.
C. They are focused on Dol Guldur: opposing the White Council, preparing for an offensive in South Mirkwood, etc.
D. They are seeking for the Ring: dredging the river near Gladden Fields, investigating rumors of the heirs of Isildur, etc.

Before you listen, we suggest you read Quickbeam’s excellent write-up on the footage over at

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