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Riddles in the Dark Digest: Episode One

Announcing the companion podcast series to Riddles in the Dark!

Because one episode of discussion just isn’t enough!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Riddles in the Dark Digest, a companion series that keeps the discussion going!  In this semi-biweekly series (usually alternating with the main RITD episodes), co-host Dave Kale from Middle-earth Network Radio will take us on a whirlwind tour of comments and feedback from listeners and a comprehensive review of analysis and predictions from our official RITD Prediction Game analysts.  As a special treat, these episodes will feature content contributed by our analysts, either recordings of themselves discussing the topics or essays read by Dave on air.

Note: A lot of listeners have asked where the best place to send us their comments and how and when we will address their feedback.  You have three equally fine options:

  1. On the Tolkien Professor Facebook Page
  2. On Twitter by tweeting @tolkienprof and @davekale — use the #riddlesinthedark hashtag!
  3. Directly on the RITD episode posts at the Mythgard site.

If you want your feedback to be addressed on the podcast series, we recommend you use Option #3 as it is easier for us to go back and find relevant comments there than on Twitter or Facebook.

In this first episode, we cover the first two prediction questions on Thráin and Thror and take some extra time to introduce you to our analysts.  We include recorded discussion from Fr. Roderick of SQPN Secrets of the Hobbit and from Merric and Goldenstar of A Casual Stroll to Mordor, and we read short essays from Mark of The Encyclopedia of Arda.  We also address feedback from our listeners posted on the main Mythgard site.

We will also highlight discussion about our game from around the web.  Here are some highlights:

As a reminder, our wonderful analysts are listed below, and we encourage you to patronize their sites, blogs, and podcasts!

If you’re hoping to listen to RITD content LIVE so be sure to tune in:

Download: .mp3 (right click and choose “Save As…” to download)