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Riddles in the Dark: Episode One

Welcome to the first episode of Riddles in the Dark!

In this session, Dave Kale and Corey Olsen discuss Thorin’s grandfather, Thror, and Thorin’s father, Thrain.  They review their stories as Tolkien points to them in The Hobbit itself, as well as the much fuller stories that Tolkien added in later years (especially Appendix A of the Lord of the Rings).  Their film discussion then focuses in particular on the evidence in the trailer about Gandalf’s visit to the dungeons of the Necromancer, and they consider the theory that the grey-bearded dude thwacked by Gandalf in the trailer is actually Thrain.  The episode culminates in bold predictions about Thrain’s capture by the Necromancer.

Question of the week: Thrain’s back-story (how did he end up in Dol Guldur) will explored via

(A) Full flashback showing us his journey and capture on the edge of Mirkwood.
(B) Exposition from Gandalf to Thorin.
(C) Exposition from Thorin to others.
(D) None of the above. It will be left out or mentioned in passing.
(E) Exposition from Thrain to Gandalf. [“bonus” answer proposed by Fr. Roderick]

Download: .mp3 (right click and choose “Save As…” to download)