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Dr. Amy H. Sturgis Presenting Live Lecture on Sherlock Holmes

Holmes and Watson“Taking Harry Seriously” professor Dr. Amy H. Sturgis has recently let us know that there are only 20 seats left for her upcoming online event “Sherlock Holmes and Science Fiction.”  Presented as part of the StarShipSofa podcast series, the event aims to answer these questions and more:

What does the world’s only consulting detective have to do with science fiction? What was the relationship of his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, to the genre? Why have so many science fiction authors since Doyle found ways to incorporate Holmes into their works? What is the unique history between Holmes’s world and H.P. Lovecraft’s? In what ways has Holmes been recreated and reimagined via science fiction over the years? What is it about Holmes that makes him so at home – and popular! – in the 21st century?

This exciting event kicks off at 3:00 pm GMT on the 18th of February so don’t miss out!  Learn more and sign up today.