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LoTR Film Marathon Update #1

The day has come again!

The eighth annual Lord of the Rings Film Marathon, hosted by Corey “The Tolkien Professor” Olsen at Washington College, kicked off this morning with relative promptness at 10:03.  Throughout the event, I’ll be writing up blogs and commentary, letting those who are unable to attend in on the experience of the day.

The theater on campus was draped with various banners of the Rohirrim, and on had display a large map of Middle-earth. These were nothing, though, in comparison to the visiting Wandering Wizard: Clad in flowing grey robes, with hair to match and the pointiest of tall pointy hats, and carrying a great staff wrought of what appeared to be some kind of tree-root, Tim Fisher (“Timdalf”) introduced himself to me and before all else, warned me that the man we were about to see on screen was not, in fact, a real wizard. False hair and beard, false nose, the whole thing was a sham. “He does,” Timdalf nonetheless relented, “read the lines well.”

A light First (Continental) Breakfast was served, prepared by the cook of the day, Heath Dill of Dillicious: fruits, doughnuts, bagels, and orange juice serving to whet the audience’s appetite for the five remaining hobbit-sized (speaking in terms of hunger, not stature) meals spaced evenly throughout the day.

I’ll be back with more news later on!

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