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One Month In

It’s been exactly one month since the Mythgard Institute launched on this endeavor of teaching and learning.  In this short span of time (it really seems like the Institute has always been here now), we’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many vibrant people from around the world.  We wanted to share with you a few of the stats that have us so excited about, well, you:

  • over 2,600 of you have been to
  • you’ve viewed over 20,000 pages of content
  • you live in over 56 countries around the globe
  • 13% of you are using mobile devices
  • almost 500 of you have Liked us on Facebook
  • 158 of you follow us on Twitter (@Mythgardian)
  • over 100 of you are in the first ever class of Mythgardians

All in all, a very exciting month for the Institute.  The second month holds another important milestone, though – the first ever day of Mythgard class, this coming Monday, August 29th!