Mythgard Hobbit Meme Contest Voting

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Contest Details

  • Entries were accepted via email from Friday, December 5 until midnight (Eastern time) Sunday, December 28th.
  • Entries were posted to our voting webpage by noon Monday, December 29th, and the voting has begun!
  • Winners will be determined by the number of “likes” each entry gets, so it’s up to you to get family, friends, strangers, hobbits and whoever to “like” your meme.
  • Voting closes midnight Wednesday, January 6th, and the contest winners will be announced before Thursday, January 7th comes to a close.

Contest Prizes

In addition to receiving lots of kudos over our social media channels and at Mythmoot, winners will receive:

  • First place: Free audit seat in any 2015 Mythgard Institute course
  • Second place: 50% discount on an audit seat in any 2015 Mythgard Institute course
  • Third place: 25% discount on an audit seat in any 2015 Mythgard Institute course

This means that you will be able to sit in on the spring semester Beowulf course with leading Tolkien scholar Tom Shippey or a course examining the best of science fiction with Dr. Amy Sturgis, or one of many other courses throughout 2015!

The gallery below is filled with honorable mentions. They are not eligible to win the contest because they do not meet the guidelines for one reason or another. However, we wanted to share the great work from some of the contestants. Feel free to vote on these memes, but there is no prize to the highest vote-count among the honorable mentions.