Watership Down Geography

For anyone who is a Watership Down fanatic (like I am), here are some links to the geography of Watership Down.


The links will place an unmarked arrow at the exact spot, similar in shape to the one at right. Then Google will place a lettered arrow at the nearest place Google thinks is interesting. Ignore the lettered arrow and focus only on the arrow like the one shown to the right.

Sandleford Warren (approximate)

The Enborne Crossing

The “Honeycomb” in the Beech Hanger on top of Watership Down

Watership Down Visitor Parking (if you want to go there)

Nuthanger Farm

Caesar’s Belt (an old Roman Road)


The Railway Arch (now a bridge)

The Plank Bridge over the River Test

The Upper Bridge on the River Test

The Lower Bridge on the River Test

The “River Test” is about 8 meters wide, not exactly a “river” to us, but a serious river to our heroes.

If you would like to view all of these places together, I suggest using Google Earth. These places are all together in this kml file for use with Google Earth.

Another enthusiast has a set of pages with photos here.

The map in the book is included below for reference. NOTE: In this map, North is to the LEFT

Watership Book Map