Past Mythgard Academy Seminars

As part of our ongoing commitment to make education accessible and affordable, the Mythgard Academy has created an archive of past classes so that anyone may access scholarly lectures about their favorite texts. Feel free to browse the  archived class pages below for lecture audio and videos. Please remember that we always welcome new, live students to our current class! »


“I absolutely love the format of the Netmoot [webinar]. I especially appreciate that I can watch the recording of the lecture a second time and give greater consideration to the ideas of the professors and the questions of the students.”

Science Fiction

The Dispossessed »

Explore the symbiotic – or perhaps parasitic – societies of Ursula K. Le Guin’s Anarres and Urras.

Dune »

Take a look at Frank Herbert’s classic story of political intrigue, desert guerrilla warfare, and melange spice.

Ender’s Game »

Travel with third-child Ender to a zero gravity space station to learn how to become the ultimate space warrior.



Dracula »

Follow the tale of the original undead master of the night as he invades England and attempts to subvert its populace to his grim and sanguine whim.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell »

Experience the Regency-era revival of English magic and its impact on London society, Continental warfare and good, old-fashioned British sensibility from the points of view of two magicians who have different ideas about how things should work out.

The Princess Bride »

Take a tour through the country of Florin where you’ll encounter the enthralling Cliffs of Insanity, dangers like Rodents of Unusual Size in the Fire Swamp, and ultimate torture the Pit of Despair.

Watership Down »

When you get kicked out of your warren, what’s left to do but find a new one? Follow Fiver and the rest of his companions for a new home – and a few does to join them.



The Council of the Wise sure loves Tolkien! Study the works of the Father of Modern Fantasy in depth as we read them along together.

History of Middle-earth (HoME)

From 1983 to 1996, Christopher Tolkien published a 12-volume series of his father’s notes and drafts, with commentary, outlining the history and development of Tolkien’s legendarium. The Council of the Wise has seen fit to explore this series book by book.



The Consolation of Philosophy »

Join Boethius on an exploration of the meaning of life, philosophy, and what consolation can be found while waiting to be hung.


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