Lord of The Rings II: The Two Towers

Lord of The Rings II ArtJoin Corey Olsen, the Tolkien Professor, on a four-week, eight-session journey through The Two Towers.  In our discussions, we work our way through the book a few chapters at a time, paying special attention to the mythic elements in Tolkien’s story.  The seminar is open to everyone, and recordings will be posted afterwards.

This series is a pilot course for the new Mythgard Academy seminars, free educational discussions organized and hosted by the Mythgard Institute. If this kind of class seems like a good idea, and if you would like to have a vote in deciding what other books we read and discuss together, you might want to participate by donating to Signum University.




Class 1: The Mending of the Fellowship

Read: Book III, Chapters 1-3

Class 2: The Making of Myth

Read: Book III, Chapters 4-5

Class 3: The Dead Wood Burning

Read: Book III, Chapters 6-8

Class 4: The Wisdom of Isengard

Read: Book III, Chapters 9-11

Class 5: The Choices of Mr. Frodo

Read: Book IV, Chapters 1-3

Class 6: Light and High Beauty

Read: Book IV, Chapters 4-6

Class 7: Over the Threshold

Read: Book IV, Chapters 7-8

Class 8: Doom and Great Deeds

Read: Book IV, Chapters 9-10

Class 9: Two Towers Follow-up Q&A (Session 1)

Class 10: Two Towers Follow-up Q&A (Session 2)

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