Individual Writing Tutorials

Are you worried about college essay-writing?  Would you like some advice and feedback from your own personal writing tutor?

Students enrolled in the Mythgard Summer Academy writing program work with one of our Mythgard writing tutors during the summer term.  The term begins with a bonus seminar on the basics of college writing with Professor Olsen, and then all students write one 3-5-page paper in every week of our three-week session.  Your tutor will read and comment on your papers, highlighting the strengths of your writing and explaining the areas of greatest potential improvement.

Once you have received the comments on your paper, your tutor will meet with you by Skype or by phone for an online tutorial session, where you can ask questions and have a more in-depth conversation about your writing.  Since our students will be writing a paper a week for three weeks, you will have three opportunities to meet with your tutor and discuss your progress.  By the end of the term, your tutor will get to know you and your writing quite well!