Malcolm Guite: The Truth of Imagination in the Writings of Lewis and Tolkien

This free online lecture is part of the Mythgard Academy Guest Lecture Series.

Malcom GuiteSynopsis: John Keats spoke of “The truth of Imagination”; this lecture will explore the ways in which the rich, intuitive, and image-laden myth-making of Lewis and Tolkien allows the imagination to become a truth-bearing faculty.

Recordings from Monday, Oct. 26, 2015

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Malcolm Guite is a priest, poet, professor, writer, and rock-n-roller. He is Bye-Fellow, Chaplain, and Supervisor in English and Theology at Girton College, Cambridge University. He researches and writes about the interface between theology and the arts, particularly Theology and Literature, and has special interests in Coleridge and C.S. Lewis. He has published a book entitled Faith, Hope and Poetry: Theology and the Poetic Imagination, as well as poetry and theological writing. He is also one of the Clergy at St. Edward King and Martyr, in the Centre of Cambridge. He has a rock band called Mystery Train and is part of a jazz-poetry performance collective called riprap.