The Artwork

Ted Nasmith

Many of the paintings shown on Mythgard’s site are graciously provided to the Middle-earth Network & Mythgard Institute by Ted Nasmith and are used by his permission.

“Tolkien had a very profound effect on me, and helped lead to much that I now count most significant in life. It opened up in me a dormant love of lost and misty times, myth and legend. Not since early childhood had I felt such a sense of ‘home’, unaware of the effects the intervening years had had in displacing it. Once inspired, I began to draw scenes and characters from this fantastic realm, becoming absorbed for many hours at a time. Tolkien and the compulsive satisfaction it provided were an important influence away from some of the less healthy distractions of those years, and the fun and creative fulfillment of depicting Middle-earth never seemed to diminish. I’m happy for my artwork to grace the Mythgard pages, thanks!” – Ted Nasmith

You can further explore the wondrous world of Ted Nasmith’s art at his website and get in touch with Ted on Facebook.



Breana Melvin

Breana MelvinBreana Melvin was originally introduced to Mythgard as a fan of the Tolkien Professor podcast series. After seeing a call for artists, Bre approached us about creating course art for Dr. Verlyn Flieger’s Spring 2013 course, ‘Tolkien’s World of Middle-earth.’

While primarily a 3D animator, I still love to draw, and do so whenever I can. For the most part my art consists of visual development pieces for potential animated films and games.

As a kid I was presented with a plethora of fantasy related films and television shows, which eventually led me to the literary side of things. After Harry Potter came out when I was nine, it wasn’t long until I discovered Tolkien and in turn C.S. Lewis. What started out as simple consumption of media, slowly turned into obsession and finally fantastical sub-creation of my own, in which I am  forever trying to recapture the magic that I experienced when I first went beyond the wardrobe. – Breana Melvin

Learn more about Bre’s work by visiting her portfolio.



Elia Mervi (Fernández)

Elia FernándezFor Mythgard’s first ever Science Fiction class, we wanted to try on a brand new style of course art that would suit the switch in genre.  Elia Mervi shared her portfolio with us and we knew that her mix of the fantastic and the real was an exact match for the broad set of works that was covered. We liked it so much, in fact, that we had her back for many courses including Part II in Spring 2013, Summer 2013’s Dystopian Tradition, Fall 2013’s Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination and The Gothic Tradition in Spring 2014…and many times since.

Here’s how Elia describes herself:

I like everything that comes out of reality, the details that make something normal in something different, and i like to use an illustration to get that.  My most important work tools are a 4B pencil, watercolors and Photoshop.  I studied illustration in Escuela de Arte nº10, Madrid [and] I’m illustrating a juvenile fantasy book, released in 2012. – Elia Mervi

Learn more about Elia’s work by visiting her portfolio.



Jef Murray

Jef MurrayJef Murray was an internationally known artist, author, and illustrator. Mythgard Institute extended an invitation to Jef to speak as an artist of J.R.R. Tolkien and his works at Mythmoot II to which he graciously accepted. Several attendees chatted with the artist about his thoughts of the author during the conference and many more attended the scheduled artists’ discussion. Jef credited J.R.R. Tolkien and his fine works as the basis for his conversion to Catholicism.

His paintings and sketches consisted largely of Tolkien’s works, and could be found in worldwide fantasy publications and cultural journals including: Amon Hen, Mallorn, Beyond Bree, Silver Leaves, Mythprints, The St. Austin Review, Gilbert Magazine, The Georgia Bulletin.



Cory Godbey

Cory GodbeyCory Godbey reached out to Dr. Olsen as a fan of The Tolkien Professor podcast series and offered up the art that would represent The Story of The Hobbit for Fall 2012 – it was just too perfect for the theme of the new course!  A bit more about Cory:

Cory Godbey has illustrated picture books, book covers, and other projects for clients such as HarperCollins, Random House, Archaia and The Jim Henson Co. In 2012 Cory will be illustrating the Labyrinth prequel graphic novel.

He has worked on animated shorts and commercials with clients including Prudential Insurance, Microsoft Zune, and the upcoming documentary film The Last Flight of Petr Ginz. – via Cory Godbey’s blog

Learn more about Cory’s work by visiting his portfolio.



Drew Blom

With the addition of new courses on C.S. Lewis and Harry Potter, the Mythgard Institute put a call out for new art. Luckily, talented illustrator Drew Blom was there to answer. Drew describes his background and interests:

“I am an illustrator and graphic design instructor in the Minneapolis area. I’ve worked on graphic novels, children’s books and character design for animation.

I grew up on the stories of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. The worlds they created and invited us into served as a springboard for my imagination. I credit that for much of my interest in visual storytelling in my own work. Further along in life, J.K. Rowling’s stories awakened some of the same feelings I had when I was younger reading Narnia and Lord of the Rings. It was a lot of fun to put some of those images down for this project for Mythgard and I am grateful for the opportunity.” – Drew Blom

Learn more about Drew’s work by visiting his portfolio.



Blake Lowry

After the launch of Signum University, both Mythgard Institute its new partner in learning found themselves in need of suitable mascots. Luckily, Blake Lowry rose to the challenge. Here’s some info about Blake:

“I am the son of two artists and younger brother to a video game collector. Combining the two interests of my family, I became a professional game concept and user interface artist. I’m a science fiction and Jester King beer enthusiast and live in Dripping Springs, Texas.” – Blake Lowry

Learn more about Blake’s work by visiting his portfolio.