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Signum University is a non-profit university which is conducted entirely online, dedicated to using new methods in order to make old-fashioned teaching available. We are making use of internet technology to bring dynamic, interactive teaching to students everywhere, at a price people can afford.

Signum University is founded in partnership with its sister institution, the Mythgard Institute. Courses arranged by Mythgard are hosted by Signum and count in its MA program in Literature and Language. In years to come, Signum’s program in Literature and Language will be joined by other disciplines and fields of study.


The Tolkien Society is an international community that promotes the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien by acting as a literary society, fan club, and charity. Established in England in 1969, Tolkien himself agreed to be the President of the society and that title is reserved for the professor to this day. Now the Society spans dozens of countries, hosts annual gatherings, and publishes journals, newsletters, and more.



Legendarium Media is a streaming online community connecting Fantasy and Sci-Fi fans with media content creators, offering breaking news from network members to the leaders in the genre industries. We live in an age where the fan must no longer sit back and just observe; they can now be invited on the journey. Pick up your sword or phaser and join us!


The Encyclopedia of Arda is a personal project – a tribute to and a celebration of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The site is intended to evolve into an illustrated hypertext encyclopedia of Tolkien’s realms and peoples. This lies a long way in the future, though; if the regions of Eä are vast beyond the thought of Elves and Men, so too are the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The content is written in the same context as Tolkien himself used; he presented himself simply as a translator, rather than originator of the tales. Hence, ARDA tries to describe his world from a ‘historical’ rather than a literary perspective



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