WriterSpace: Work alone in good company

WriterSpace is time set aside for writers and artists to follow their dreams and support each other (and, seriously, if you just need to get your bills paid or your socks folded, you’re more than welcome). We drop-in-when-we-can and drop-out-when-we-must online for writing time, wrist stretches, and even visits from the Permission Fairy!

Writing Prompts for Young Writers:

Summer term WriterSpace schedule, April 22-August 2, all times in Eastern Time Zone

BREAKOUT ROOMS on Request: Study group?  Collaborative Feedback group? Just show up to any Zoom meeting and ask for a breakout room!

Do you need WriterSpace during off hours?  The Twitch broadcasts are recorded and held for two weeks, so you can simply play one and have good company!  You can do that.  The Permission Fairy said so.

Give yourself time. Allow yourself to create.

Writer Space is dedicated time to write alone in good company. We support one another with the simple knowledge that we’re all here writing together. Sometimes fellow WriterSpace denizens would like to trade feedback!

It’s a relaxed space for everybody who wants an excuse to write, buddies to share time with for writing. It’s for laughing at the linearity of time with Auntie Sparrow.

What do people do at WriterSpace? Journaling, noveling, playwriting, screenwriting, blogging, creative nonfiction, writing for their professions, writing papers for school, grading papers for school, sketching, quilting, designing, calligraphing (is that a word?), even packing up their things into boxes to move.  No one should have to do that alone.

Illuminated calligraphy by Christine Fisher, aka A Humanist Hand on RedBubble