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Studying at the Mythgard Institute

Whether you are a serious student who is eager to pursue a degree, or a serious fan who is simply eager to learn, the Mythgard Institute offers a unique opportunity to fulfill those desires. The Mythgard Institute allows both auditors and MA students to share in an exciting, interactive learning experience to enhance their knowledge of a field they are passionate about. If you would like to know more about the difference between the two programs, keep reading to find more information. If you already know which option is right for you, you can go straight to our MA Admissions or Auditor Admissions pages!

Apply to Take a Course at the M.A. Level

Set out on your journey towards a master’s degree with Mythgard! We are developing an M.A. program in English, with concentrations in Tolkien Studies, fantasy literature, medieval literature, and more. In order to become an M.A student at Mythgard, you will need to apply, and then register for classes once you have been accepted. Go to our MA Admissions page to Apply today and to see how the whole process works.

Take Courses for Fun

Sign up to audit our courses, and you can work towards one of Mythgard’s Certificates in Tolkien Studies and Fantasy Literature. There is no need to apply to audit our courses, you can simply register for classes! Go to our Auditor Admissions page to register!


11.25.2011 – […] the thing I like most is that it has helped me rediscover a passion that I forgot I had. It has been a long time since I’ve read critically and really studied a piece of literature, and I did not remember how much I enjoyed that. Plus, it has put me in touch with others of a like mind, or at least similar-enough minds, whom I likely would not have met otherwise. (read more)

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If you are still unsure about which option is right for you, please read the section below to help you make your choice.

M.A. or Audit

Mythgard students have two choices when they enroll in our classes.  Those who want to use the course towards an M.A. should fill out the application to take the class for credit.  Those who just want to enjoy the lectures and not write the papers or receive grades should register to audit the class.  M.A. students will have access to all of the course sessions and features .  Auditors, however, will only watch or listen to the primary lecture and the closing session, and they may participate on the discussion board.  Auditors will not be involved in the small-group discussions or the graded assignments.

If you are still unsure about which choice is right for you, take a moment to read through the student examples given below:

Find out more information about our applying for courses at the M.A. level and auditing our courses.  You can also let us know what future courses you would be interested in taking.