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Mythgard Academy Indiegogo Campaign

This summer, Mythgard is launching a new program, the Mythgard Academy, through which we hope to make in-depth discussion of people’s favorite works of fantasy and science fiction literature free and open to everyone.  The Mythgard Academy program will feature live discussions with Mythgard Institute faculty to which all are invited, free of charge.  Recordings of our sessions will be freely available after class, and we will let our supporters decide what books we read.


The Pilot Course

Join Corey Olsen, the Tolkien Professor, on a four-week, eight-class journey through The Two Towers in Lord of The Rings II.  In our discussions, we work our way through the book a few chapters at a time, paying special attention to the mythic elements in Tolkien’s story.  The class is open to everyone, and recordings will be posted afterwards.  Learn more and start Monday, August 26th.


Power to the People

In order to make Mythgard Academy classes numerous, diverse, and free to everyone, we need your support!  Organizing, hosting, and running courses takes a lot of resources and a dedicated team of people, and we want the Mythgard Academy courses to be something that we can offer consistently for months and years to come. To make this a reality, we’ve partnered with crowdfunding giant, Indiegogo so you can get in on the action.


A Word from Dr. Olsen


What You’ll Get

In the 2013-2014 academic year, we will offer a class session for every $500 that we raise in this campaign.  If we hit our $10,000 goal, we will be able to offer 20 class sessions, either in one long course or in a series of shorter courses (whatever our supporters decide).  If we raise $20,000, we can offer 40 class sessions, allowing for a series of courses throughout the year.  Would you like to walk through the Chronicles of Narnia in 21 in-depth class sessions?  Interested in embarking on a study of The History of Middle-earth together, in 10 class sessions per volume?  How about a 6-session class on Frank Herbert’s Dune, or perhaps Richard Adams’s Watership Down?  Maybe a 24-session journey through the Harry Potter series, or a 13-session trip through Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files?  What about a 5-session reading of Tolkien’s newly-released Fall of Arthur, or even a 20-session course in which we read the medieval Arthurian legends that inspired Tolkien?  The possibilities are infinite, and we will leave the choice entirely up to you, our supporters.

Everyone who pledges at least $25 to our campaign will receive at least one vote when we hold the election for which courses will be offered next.  And the more you donate, the more often you can vote!  Those who pledge $100 or more will be appointed to the Council of the Wise, the group in charge of nominating and deciding on the slate of finalists brought to the funders as a whole for the vote.  Can’t afford to donate?  Help us spread the word!  The more support we get, the more free classes we can run.


Contribute Today

In its first 24 hours, the campaign raised over $4,000 setting the tone for a rise to nearly double our goal by the end of the run!  The support has been overwhelming and deeply gratifying for our team.  Where we go from here is entirely up to you, though.  Interested in the Mythgard Academy?  Then contribute today!


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