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Riddles in the Dark 3.02 – Those Elves

Audio Episode

What stand will Legolas and Tauriel take regarding the Siege of Erebor?

A. Neither openly defies Thranduil (book answer with two characters who aren’t in the book!)

B. Legolas supports his father, Tauriel openly defies him

C. Tauriel supports Thranduil, Legolas defies him

D. Both openly defy Thranduil

Corey: D

Trish: B

Dave:  D

Listener Poll: B

  1. Stephen Johnson March 8, 2014 at 3:48 pm #

    B. I think it is pretty obvious that Tauriel will defy Thranduil and side with the Dearves. To get Legolas where he is in Fellowship I think will need to have a grudge against the dwarves, thus I think he will side with his dear dad.

    Here is my stab at wild speculation: what if Legolas first sides with Tauriel in defying Thranduil, then Thranduil has Tauriel taken out and blames it on the dwarves. Legolas sides with his dad after Thranduil has an I told you so moment.

    Fan-speculation is so fun.


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