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Camp Highlights

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The Mythgard Academy Summer Camp provides students an immersive, 48 (and a half) hour on-campus experience at Washington College in Chestertown, MD.  Led by Dr. Corey Olsen, the weekend session is an ideal way for rising high school students to preview the college life.

What’s more, students will be asked to critically assess their favorite films and then present college-level writing by way of new media – blogs, photo essays and video. Instruction on collaborative, mobile writing by way of iPads (either provided by Mythgard or your own) will be offered to students.

A culminating student-led discussion session will familiarize participants with not only higher education classroom conversation but also the expectations of real instructors.

Camp Offering

Lord of the Rings Summer Camp Experience
Dates: Thursday, July 26 – Saturday, July 28 

Join Dr. Corey Olsen as you continue your journey into The Fellowship of the Ring – in person!  This on-campus experience invites students into J.R.R. Tolkien’s world and asks students to compare the adaptations of the original text and Peter Jackson’s film.

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Lord of the Rings: Camp Schedule

Thursday, July 26th

3:00 pm – arrival, check-in and registration
4:30 pm – welcome to camp
5:00 pm – picnic dinner
6:00 pm – pre-film introduction and orientation
6:30 pm – Fellowship of the Ring screening
9:30 pm – post-film discussion and assignments
10:00 pm – late night snack
10:30 pm – bedtime

Friday, July 27th

8:00 am – breakfast
9:00 am – lecture on film/book comparison with Dr. Olsen
10:00 am – overview of iPads and blogging platform
11:30 am – freewriting
12:30 pm – lunch
2:00 pm – freewriting
4:00 pm – workshop on college-level discussion sessions
5:00 pm – dinner
6:30 pm – jousting tournament on the green
8:30 pm – freewriting and group discussion work
10:00 pm – bedtime

Saturday, July 28th

8:00 am – breakfast
9:00 am – group work sessions
10:30 am – open consultations with camp faculty and staff
11:30 am – lunch
1:00 pm – student-led discussion sessions
3:00 pm – wrap up ceremony
3:30 pm – departure

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