Summer 2013 Courses

Summer 2013 Courses

This Summer: visit Middle-earth, delve into dystopia and learn the Latin language at Mythgard and Signum. Fans of both language and literature will find much to pique their interest with three exciting courses on offer for the upcoming term!

Learn what you’ll love about each of the new courses by reading summaries below or click through to get more in depth.

Beyond Middle-earth

Tolkien’s Middle-earth legends dominated his creative life, from their birth in the early Silmarillion tales through their absorption of Bilbo Baggins’s diary and their culmination in the tale of the Great Ring. However, Tolkien wrote many small pieces of prose and verse that were not directly drawn into the great narrative of Middle-earth. Join Corey Olsen and Tom Shippey for an in-depth look at a J.R.R. Tolkien you might never have met before….

Prepare to travel Beyond Middle-earth

The Dystopian Tradition

Over the years, thinkers have used dystopias — stories of worlds gone wrong, of worst-case scenarios – to warn their contemporaries about what they viewed as dangerous trends in society and challenge their readers to make the world better. This class will consider a variety of historical and current “what if?” thought experiments, including classics such as 1984 and current bestsellers such as The Hunger Games….

Explore The Dystopian Tradition

Elementary Latin II Encourse

The second semester of “Elementary Latin” will complete your introduction to the basic elements of the Latin language. It will emphasize the fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension – in other words, all of the tools necessary to develop a sound reading proficiency in Latin.  Missed it before? Join Dr. Carol Leibiger for a special encourse presentation….

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