Fall 2013 Courses

Fall 2013 Courses

This Fall: investigate the origins of a beloved detective, go inside Tolkien’s The Fall of Arthur and get acquainted with the study of languages at Mythgard. Fans of pop culture, literature and language both will find much to pique their interest with three exciting courses on offer for the upcoming term!

Learn what you’ll love about each of the new courses by reading summaries below or click through to get more in depth.

Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination

The intellectual sibling of science fiction, born of the same parents (the Scientific Revolution and the Industrial Revoltion), is what its father, Edgar Allan Poe, called “tales of ratiocination.” Poe created the first scientific detective, C. Auguste Dupin, who in turn paved the way for one of the most enduring and beloved literary characters of all time, Sherlock Holmes.…

Investigate Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination

Tolkien and Tradition

Tolkien once said his immediate response to reading any medieval story was to want to write one like it.  He did.  Three times. “The Story of Kullervo” came from the Finnish KalevalaSigurd and Gudrún was his take on the Icelandic Eddas, and The Fall of Arthur was inspired by the Middle English Alliterative Morte Arthure and the Stanzaic Morte Arthure..…

Discover Tolkien and Tradition

Philology Through Tolkien

Tolkien is world-famous for his fiction. In his highly distinguished professional career, meanwhile, he was a philologist, and furthermore a comparative philologist, following in the footsteps of Jacob Grimm, whose innovations in comparative philology (vergleichende Philologie) must count as the Darwinian revolution of the humanities in the 19th century….

Get introduced to Philology Through Tolkien