Our Courses

Classes at Mythgard Institute are an interactive experience that includes:

  • A rigorous weekly reading list
  • A weekly primary lecture and closing session with the instructor and/or guest lecturers
  • Discussion sessions (M.A. students and selected auditors)
  • Essays and exams
  • A suite of collaborative course tools for ongoing conversations

Classes can be sampled on the Signum University YouTube channel.

Course Topics

Each semester, Mythgard Institute strives to bring a selection of courses that will interest a diverse array of students, from high fantasy to eclectic science fiction, medieval fairy tales, and more.

Information about current courses are available from the Admissions menu at the top of this page. In addition, you can learn about the types of courses we offer by viewing our Syllabi.

Mythgard Academy

Through the Mythgard Academy, we offer regular, ongoing courses on fantasy, science fiction, and other speculative literature. These courses are free and open to the public, due to the generous support of our donors.

Mythgard Guest Lecture Series

Periodically, Mythgard hosts extra talks given by visiting scholars. These talks will be broadcast live through our usual lecture hall, and recordings of them will be maintained in the lecture archives.

Mythgard Events

Events at Mythgard Institute are a wonderful chance for both fans and scholars alike to share in their passion for learning what they love!

Mythgard Institute offers students, friends and fellow travelers opportunities to gather through its flagship conference, Mythmoot.

In addition, Mythgard Institute sponsors regional events, such as the Mythgard Midatlantic Speculative Fiction Symposium and The Lord of the Rings Movie Marathons, hosted by The Tolkien Professor himself, Dr. Corey Olsen.


Find out more information about applying for MA study or auditing a course. You can also let us know what future courses you would be interested in taking.